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The USPS prohibits shipping alcohol-based hand sanitizer through the mail.  Shipping is FEDEX or UPS at the lowest rates we negotiated. 

If you see Hand sanitizer shipping through the USPS it is either 80% alcohol formulated to CDC and WHO standards or it is being shipped improperly.

Premium Standard Universal Hand Sanitizer Floor Dispenser

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Normal to medium traffic standard dispenser:

The standard size no-touch dispensing station easily accommodates the consortium’s 500ml (16.9oz) bottles. These dispensers are a unique, innovative and very appropriate ”no touch” option to dispense hand sanitizer. These versatile dispensers were invented and are manufactured in the United States. Constructed from durable powder coated aluminum with a steel base, they are foot operated and do not require any electric or battery supply. They are Key features include:

  • “Made in America”, built to last and will dispense properly, every time guaranteed.
  • Sanitary - No contact with hands.
  • Set up anywhere - 100% mechanical, no batteries, no plug-in.
  • Freestanding - No installation required.
  • Universal - Accommodates any pump top sanitizer bottle from 8 to 32 ounces (250 milliliter to 1 liter).

One of the most significant advantages to these dispensers is a significant reduction in waste and a substantial increase in efficiency with ease of use.

In the immediate aftermath of COVID-19, many began attempting to use liquid hand sanitizer in gallon jugs positioned either on counter tops, tables or strapped into simple stands for either individual use or to dispense into smaller bottles.

In practice, this resulted, and continues to result, in significant waste and spills as the standard gallon pumps were designed to dispense condiments or thick lotions and not the required formulated hand sanitizer. They often either dispense either too much or the flow cannot be adequately controlled to an appropriate amount. The result is a reduction in their actual use. Attempting to transfer to smaller containers normally under fills or overfills (causing waste).

The additional problem is limited availability of "pump tops" for bottles. The majority of these are made overseas. With the current COVID-19 response, most suppliers are back-ordered until early 2021 and supplies are available remain unreasonable high at levels. The pump for this dispenser can be re-used indefinitely and provide a significance cost-avoidance.

Sturdy construction:

The dispenser is study enough to place on any surface without the requirement to “mount” or bolt them to floors, walls or other parts of the facilities as most others require. This enables them to be moved when necessary to accommodate large gatherings or other situations.

The best value and most versatile solution:

Refilling many of the commercial wall dispensers is also problematic as their cartridges are often proprietary (Purell), difficult to refill, and will not take universal alternatives. These universal stands accommodate any pump top sanitizer bottle from 8 to 32 ounces (standard dispenser) to gallon bottles (large dispenser) and have been tested with our “made in Virginia Bottles” available in the standard 500ml, 1 liter and 1 gallon sizes.


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The Virginia Craft Brewers Guild, Beer Wholesalers Association, Association of Cider Makers, Wineries Association, and the Manufacturers Association together with participating brewers, cider makers, distillers, wine makers and other participating small businesses formed the Virginia Hand Sanitizer Consortium  to produce this Jetho Tull hand sanitizer.

In addition to supporting the small business participants and keeping their employees working, a portion of all proceeds from hand sanitizer sales are donated through the 501(c)(3) Partners International Foundation and its “Helping the Heroes” program to fund donation of hand sanitizer and other support to veterans in need, first responders, healthcare professionals and other community-based efforts.

To fight COVID-19 and other diseases all authoritative medical experts require hand sanitizer products are in accordance with CDC, OSHA, ASTM, AAMI/ANSI, USPHS, FDA, NIOSH and/or other federal regulatory requirements. The World Health Organization (WHO) formula is the recognized standard for these requirements and in meeting these standards.  

At a minimum, hand sanitizer should be 80% alcohol. WHO recommends against gel-based and fragrance enhanced hand sanitizer as those additives could reduce its effectiveness in meeting these standards.

The Jethro Tull hand sanitizer produced by the Virginia consortium

*Minimum of 80% alcohol using 100% organic ethanol from the same FDA registered US producers that provide it to other major hand sanitizer manufacturers.

*100% compliant with CDC, OSHA, ASTM, AAMI/ANSI, USPHS, FDA, NIOSH requirements.

*Produced in FDA-certified facilities and formulated in strict accordance with the World Health Organization (WHO) formula.

*100% “formulated in Virginia” using environmentally friendly 100% recyclable bottles by small businesses helping support our communities and keep Virginian’s employed.

*Bottled using Virginia-made bottles and packed in Virginia-made boxes.

*The 500ml (16.9oz) bottle is versatile in its ability to accept the most common dispensing caps, water bottle tops, spray tops and bottle pumps most users already have around the home or office.

*A portion of proceeds from sales helps the group DONATE FREE hand sanitizer to medical, first responders and others.


Some of our overseas suporters inquired regarding obtaining an empty bottle or a print of the commemorative label. We are exploring making these available based on the interest. If you are interested in us offering a limited edition printing of the lable for colelctors, please let us know by taking the survey at this link.

NOTE ON OVERSEAS SHIPMENT – CURRENTLY DHL, FEDEX, UPS and USPS do not allow shipment of Hand Sanitizer to customers OUTSIDE the United States. If you can arrange other shipping options, please contact us.