Heroes’ Homes

Project Structure

Heroes’ Homes. The project will support the technicAbbot_Techal education and training of high school students in Connecticut using a unique and innovative “hands on” approach that directly benefits disabled military veterans and their families. The veteran recently lost both his sister and elderly mother within  a four (4) month period; faces significant bills associated with those losses; and the additional challenge of extensive essential property repairs that include heating, plumbing, electrical, structural damage, and more.

The project uses both the classrooms at Bullard-Havens and Henry Abbott Technical Schools with the veteran’s home. students participating in the plumbing, HVAC, carpentry, masonry and electrical curriculums assessed the work needed; designed solutions; and will complete the repairs to include: replacing outdated and hazardous electric baseboard heat with a modern energy efficient gas central heating and air system; tracing the outdated and hazardous wiring then bringing it to modern standards of function and safety; making essential plumbing repairs to stop leaks and other mold-causing issues and hazard; converting other appliances to energy efficient natural gas; completing structural carpentry work; and more. 

The property will truly be the student and faculty “learning lab” available at all times to fit their curriculum throughout the school year. This provides the opportunity to execute a complex multi-disciplined and cross-discipline project from start to finish with specific experience from inspection, planning and costing through completing the work and assessing results. The project itself provides effective student skills training and experience not only in the technical disciplines of carpentry, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical, but work readiness including problem solving, teamwork, leadership, critical thinking, problem solving, team building, multi-discipline program, and self-management. All work will conform to the same industry standards graduates must know when they enter the job market following graduation.

Project Partners

Helping the Heroes is implementing using its philosophy of empowering and supporting community based organizations and group to build community capacity as we accomplish our goals. In this case, the pilot is executing using a unique public-private partnership solution with students and faculty of the Henry Abbot Technical High School and Bullard Havens Technical school under the State of Connecticut Technical High School System’s Quality Construction for Connecticut Resident’s Program.

Our corporate sponsors and donors deserve special recognition for making this program and our current project possible.

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Building on Success for the Future

Based on the success of the current pilot program Helping the Heroes is working to identify additional resources to begin work on other homes and expand across the United States. This will include building new public-private partnerships with community groups and local technical schools to complete the work. You can help make this project a reality by donating HERE.