A home and a Job for a Hero

HELP JB – “JB” is a veteOperaImageran of the first Gulf War with 15+ years of human resources experience who found himself unemployed with mounting bills. Through Helping the Heroes’ initiative to help veterans he secured a temporary position in a State Agency, but not before he was evicted for an inability to pay rent He began living in his car until income from his new job could cover a place to live, but those creditors also would not wait and his car was repossessed. Loss of his vehicle put continued employment in his new job at risk, threatening to end JB’s chances to recover and obtain permanent employment, a place to live, and achieve a sustainable livelihood. State agencies and other support available to veterans could not respond in time to provide JB the assistance he needed, putting all his hard work to become self-sufficient at risk.  Helping the Heroes was there.

Helping the Heroes provided JB a small emergency grant sufficient to recover his car and cover the deposit on a small apartment. As a result, JB is well on his way to permanent self-sufficiency and repaying the grant so Helping the Heroes can assist another veteran in need.

Helping the Heroes is seeking donations to cover JB’s grant so he does not have to repay it, and to accumulate sufficient resources to help other veterans in need.  As JB’s case shows, early intervention with a little support has dramatic effect in helping our heroes achieve and maintain sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their families.

Please help us cover JB’s grant and to support other heroes in need by donating today at this link or by texting “Heroes” with the amount of your donation to the number 91999 (ex: “Heroes 25”) on your cell phone